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Taylor L. Cole helps you reach your audience with stellar TV and podcast exposure

Are You Going Unseen and Unheard?

  • Are you getting overlooked for opportunities?
  • Are you drowning in the sea of social media?
  • Have you settled for low-quality, amateur YouTube and social media videos?
  • Do you wish you could make a bigger impact with greater reach?

Business leaders and brands miss opportunities to capture the right audiences. Too many leaders settle for mediocre videos and tiny distribution that falls flat.

Let’s Take Your Brand to Stardom!

Taylor L. Cole’s proven communication strategies and quality TV programs help your brand get noticed.

My name is Taylor L. Cole. I help brands avoid obscurity using proven communication strategies and quality TV programs so they can get noticed.

As I’ve worked with many business owners, entertainers, and travel suppliers over the years, one thing is certain: We fall into obscurity when we don’t captivate our audience with the right marketing exposure.

I guide brands and leaders like you through effective messaging and on-camera strategies; then I feature you on quality, international TV programs and podcasts.

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Three Steps to Take Your Brand to Stardom

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Let’s hop on the phone and chat about your brand story and ways to share it.

We’ll talk about your brand story, some of the challenges you’re facing, what’s working today in your marketing strategy, your ideal audience, your dream brand placement, and more.

Pick a Program and
Outline a Plan

Let’s pick the best option for you based on your specific needs. Yes, we have packages but they’re not necessarily a one-size-fits-all. I want to come alongside you as we identify creative options to bring your vision into the spotlight.

Once the program is selected, we’ll talk about the episode length, storyline, structure and audience. If we’ve decided to incorporate some of your background footage, we’ll gather that along with any release forms. During this time, we’ll get you prepared for your big day in front of the lens. We’ll reserve your studio date, talk through your presentation topics, and walk through the logistics, all to get you ready to shine your brightest.


The day of your shoot we’ll meet at a specified Call Time in the studio or on-location. If you’re having hair and make-up services, you’ll meet with one of my preferred artists. We’ll check your wardrobe, tour the set, get you fitted for a microphone and recap the production elements. You’ll meet the crew members and we’ll answer any final questions you may have before we film your segment. Light, Camera, Action. You’re On!

Shows and Programs


Play Video

Share your unique message before meeting planners, talent agents, conference organizers, and decision-makers on a custom episode of SpeakUP on Amazon Prime Video and other networks.

Share the story of your brand in an engaging, editorial-style conversation where you deliver your most important brand messages for The Focus on Amazon Prime Video and other networks.

The Focus

Play Video

Hotel Hunt

Play Video

Welcome travel enthusiasts into your destination, resort, vacation rental, excursion or adventure on an exciting episode of Hotel Hunt on Amazon Prime Video and other networks.

Intentional Talk with LisaKay and Taylor is a streaming podcast that features presenters and U.S. Military Veterans from the non-profit Fellowship Power Lunch.

Intentional Talk

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Workable Faith

Workable Faith is a streaming show that highlights Kingdom-driven visionaries who are boldly incorporating God’s principles into their organizations. Hear how leaders build the bridge between their occupations and God’s kingdom while creating a standout, impactful culture for Christ’s glory.

Training to Take Your Image to the Next Level

Confidently Camera-Ready

What if you’re not quite ready to take the stage, speak in front of the camera, or share your message on the microphone? That’s okay!

In her How to be Confidently Camera-Ready course, Taylor will guide you through a convenient, 7-part process to help you shine in your next TV appearance, on-camera interview, video call, or podcast. Sign up for lifetime access, work at your own pace, and review the material anytime.

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One-On-One Coaching with Taylor

Want personal training and feedback? Currently, coaching sessions are taking place on video conference so we can practice on camera!

Space is limited, so sign up now.

What My Guests and Clients Are Saying

"Gorgeous Taylor, it is such a blessing to collab with heart-driven powerhouse women like you. Congrats on all of your accomplishments. Keep stepping boldly through the doors God is opening for you! The world needs your light! I admire you so much as I know the hard work it takes to produce a show—and you're doing multiple!!"
Tiffany Hendra
CEO + Founder, The Coaching Sanctuary™
“I’m in tears about my production with Taylor. This turned out so well. Thank you SO much!”
Sherry James
PMP, Author, Speaker
“It is so exciting! Thank you, Taylor for inviting me to be a part of SpeakUP. You get a top notch video with a professional multi-camera shoot. Every speaker I know is looking for a better video. SpeakUP is another venue for clients to look for their next speaker because you’ve got them on all topics.”
Betty Garrett
CEO Garrett Speakers International
“Taylor, I’m so proud of your endeavors and how you’re slaying it and getting more shows off the ground! You are truly talented.”
Cathryn Gabor
President & Owner, Africa 360 Travel

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Let's Make Your Brand Famous

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