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I’m Taylor L. Cole. I help meaningful brands get noticed.

I’ve hosted and produced TV shows since I was in high school. My first big production was as an undergrad at Southern Methodist University. I’ve also led communications and public relations for Kimberly Clark,, Expedia, and Sabre to name a few.

As I’ve worked with many business owners, entertainers, and travel suppliers over the years, one thing is certain: We fall into obscurity when we don’t captivate our audience with the right marketing exposure.

I guide brands and leaders like you through effective messaging and on-camera strategies; then I feature you on quality, international TV programs and podcasts.

Taylor L. Cole Longacre

Some Fun Facts About Me

(And a Few Photos From Work)

  • In 2019 I spent more than 200 room nights in hotels and resorts (all because of work!)
  • I grew up on a ranch with cattle, hogs, ducks, horses and various pets but I’ve mostly adopted a vegan/pescatarian lifestyle
  • Skydiving was always a must-do for me so I’ve now been skydiving multiple times. I even walked around the OUTSIDE of the CN Tower with a bungee rope.
  • The #1 question people asked me when I was head of public relations for was, “Do you get to travel all over the world to hotels and try them out?”
  • I loathe parsley!!
  • Mommy and Daddy are my biggest fans!
  • I’ve been standing up at my workspace consistently each day since 2008. Back then, the office wouldn’t give me an official standing desk so I layered reams of paper and boxes to make a waist-high desk!
  • My favorite Bible verses are Romans 8:31 and Philippians 1:6

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