Keynote Speaking Opportunities with SpeakUP

Expert speakers step onto a world-class stage to deliver 15-minute keynotes before the right audience.

Episodes air on Amazon Prime Video and MPN.Global and are distributed worldwide.

What's Your Story?

Now in its fourth wave of production, SpeakUP provides keynote speaking opportunities to speakers of all kinds. SpeakUP is a first-of-its-kind showcase of expert speakers who share their unique 15-minute stories before a live audience of meeting professionals, speakers bureaus, talent agents, conference organizers, media, and decision-makers.

SpeakUP a great way for brilliant leaders to impart wisdom on the right TV audience and build a lasting brand. SpeakUP is not only an exciting multi-camera, professional television show, it’s also a venue for visionaries to connect and build life-long relationships.

In early 2019, Taylor and her mentor Massoum Mirzaei had an idea to create a program to showcase expert speakers on a live stage before the right, niche audience. By December of that year, the dream was in action. Today, SpeakUP is top rated and airs on Amazon Prime Video, MPN.Global and other networks.

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Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Let’s hop on the phone and chat about your experience speaking before a live audience and your ideal client or audience member. You’ll share highlights of your 15-minute signature speech that will be reviewed by our advisory board. We’ll also talk through the SpeakUP packages and future filming dates. Once you’re selected as a cast member for SpeakUP and your episode date is set, we’ll send you the talent release form, licensing agreement and payment schedule.

Rehearsal and Showtime!

We’ll meet at the studio for a tour of our green room, salon, and SpeakUP set. We’ll fit you for a microphone and you can rehearse your signature talk. If your package includes bonus materials, we’ll film your extra footage. Once you’re fully comfortable, you’ll take the stage for your exclusive episode of SpeakUP. There will be time to network with our VIP audience members and other speakers during the breaks. We’ll record testimonials from speakers and audience guests to support a phenomenal package that you can share with future clients.

Post Production

Use your episode’s highlight reel to attract new customers and tell your fans and followers about your talk on SpeakUP. We’ll create short spotlight pieces of your talk that we’ll all share on social media and in marketing. The final episodes air on Amazon Prime Video and MPN.Global. Alumni speakers on SpeakUP are part of a unique community who support and encourage each other and offer business referrals.

Let's Get Your Message Heard

Ready to take the first step? Unsure if this kind of keynote speaking opportunity is right for you?

You won’t know if you don’t ask. The first meeting is free, so relax and let’s talk about you!

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