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It’s often said that a person can be just one introduction or experience away from greatness. Let’s not let another day go by. Get with Taylor and get ready to step into the spotlight.


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Share your unique message before meeting planners, talent agents, conference organizers, and decision-makers on a custom episode of SpeakUP on Amazon Prime Video and other networks.

Share the story of your brand in an engaging, editorial-style conversation where you deliver your most important brand messages for The Focus on Amazon Prime Video and other networks.

The Focus

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Hotel Hunt

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Welcome travel enthusiasts into your destination, resort, vacation rental, excursion or adventure on an exciting episode of Hotel Hunt on Amazon Prime Video and other networks.

Intentional Talk with LisaKay and Taylor is a streaming podcast that features presenters and U.S. Military Veterans from the non-profit Fellowship Power Lunch.

Intentional Talk

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Workable Faith

Workable Faith is a streaming show that highlights Kingdom-driven visionaries who are boldly incorporating God’s principles into their organizations. Hear how leaders build the bridge between their occupations and God’s kingdom while creating a standout, impactful culture for Christ’s glory.

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