Workable Faith

Examining success stories of Christian visionaries where work meets faithful obedience.

Pursuing God's Purpose in Our Work

Workable Faith is a streaming show that highlights Kingdom-driven visionaries who are boldly incorporating God’s principles into their organizations. Hear how leaders build the bridge between their occupations and God’s kingdom while creating a standout, impactful culture for Christ’s glory.

Based on the scripture Philippians 1:6, Workable Faith encourages listeners to follow the formula of faith plus obedience equals success. Join Taylor and her guests at the intersection of faith and the marketplace in courageous and inspiring talks.

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To listen to audio versions of Taylor’s content on, scroll to the Taylor L. Cole channel and listen to Workable Faith.

You can also listen to Workable Faith on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and anywhere you get your podcasts.

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