How to Promote a Hotel with Hotel Hunt

In its fourth year of distribution, Hotel Hunt takes viewers on awe-inspiring journeys to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful destinations. Our growing fanbase spans dozens of countries with smiling faces and breathtaking experiences across millions of miles.

Are You Attracting the Right Visitors to Your Destination?

Share your unique brand story and the best aspects of your property, destination, or attraction in a custom episode of Hotel Hunt.

  • Present the content in your own voice.
  • Take viewers on a VIP tour of the best you have to offer.
  • Leverage our international audience to reach the right guests for you.
  • Incorporate content from your trusted partners and affiliates.

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Three Steps to Promote Your Hotel and
Gain Increased Visibility

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Let’s talk about what’s new at your property, destination, excursion or business. What experiences do you want to bring to life through TV? What story do you want to share to attract more guests and repeat customers?

We'll Outline a Plan

Who on your side is best to partner with us to help tell your story? Which aspects of your location should we showcase? What existing footage do you already have that we could incorporate into your episode? Are there brand partners that you’d like to include in your story like the tourism board, airlines, ground transportation, culinary experiences, local attractions, and more?


We’ll reserve your filming dates, take care of all the details and logistic, then it’s showtime!

Let's Make Your Hotel Famous

Your customers, clients, fans, and followers around the world are waiting, so what are you waiting for?

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