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Being a public speaker in the current environment has a whole new definition. Thankfully, there are helpful resources and thought-leaders in the space that are keeping speakers top-of-mind and in the spotlight.

My friend, Jeff Klein of Speaker Co-op introduced me to Ray Southwell, Publisher of Speakers & Continuing Education Magazine and NeedToKnowTraining.com. Ray joined us in the audience for the filming of wave 2 of SpeakUP. I also met Ray’s photographer, Misty Hoyt at a networking event. Those connections led Ray to feature me as their cover story of the magazine in August 2020 where I describe the types of people who have inspired me in professional speaking. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Ray, Jeff, or Misty, I’d be happy to introduce you! Now more than ever, speakers need to stay equipped with the right tools to thrive.

I’ll share tips on what some of my friends (who are the best in the industry) say are the Top 5 Tools a professional speaker needs to succeed in the post-COVID-19 economy.

You’re a Star!


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