The Focus is also a Podcast!

It started with a meeting, then an unexpected offer. In early 2019, I was promoting Hotel Hunt on the talk show circuits. I got a positive response from a studio executive named Massoum. A few years prior I had been to his studio to film TV commercials, instructional video, and travel tips. As it turned out, Massoum had a show called The Focus where he was interviewing business leaders on what makes their leadership strategy different. I pitched him the idea of featuring me and Hotel Hunt. We had a very engaging TV shoot, I met his new team and I offered to send over some marketing ideas. A few weeks later, Massoum asked me to do red carpet interviews for another show called Curious Entrepreneur. Once the shoot wrapped, he invited me to come back to the studio for a meeting.

A meeting to top all meetings

Back at the studio, Massoum and I were talking and he asked, “You know that show that you were on?” I said, “yes.” He said, “Well, I want you to host it, produce it and run it. And, you’re welcome to use this studio to create other shows!” Ok… so I picked myself up off the floor and I think I squealed!

From that point onward, I was identifying new guests, pitching other show ideas and marketing The Focus and the Magic Production Group portfolio. It’s been so much fun creating new visual products. The Focus is in its second season on Amazon Prime Video with dozens of phenomenal guests. 

Hear this! 

When COVID-19 hit, it became more difficult to welcome people to film TV programs in person. My travel show, Hotel Hunt took a pause and I recorded more remote and audio shows. I kept getting requests from sharp business leaders to participate on The Focus, but they weren’t in a position to travel to Dallas. That’s when I started to create audio versions of The Focus. Listen to your favorite shows on your morning run, in the car, or anytime… anywhere you listen to podcasts! 


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