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We strive to humbly practice what we preach and do everything we can to avoid obscurity (smiles). Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Dr. James Pogue

Taylor welcomes Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias expert Dr. James Pogue on this episode of The Focus. What important steps should organizations be taking in this

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LisaKay Kaye Gurney

On this episode of The Focus, Taylor talks with her friend LisaKay Kaye Gurney, Founder of the non-profit ministry, Fellowship Power Lunch. You may recognize

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Dee Beasley Hayden

When corporate America was no longer fulfilling her life’s mission, Dee Beasley Hayden shifted her vision and created Bee A Golden Angel. The grassroot organization

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Jason McCann

Jason McCann, CEO and co-founder of VARI (formerly VARIDESK) talks with Taylor about how he and his team are helping businesses be more effective, productive

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Joy Weaver

For decades, etiquette expert and author Joy Weaver has been helping people of all ages mind their manners. Joy talks with Taylor about social faux

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Barbie and Richard Armenta

On this episode of The Focus, Taylor talks with Barbie and Richard Armenta, authors of The Right Combination. Richard is a business owner and ministry

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Lori DeVillez

Taylor welcomes Lori DeVillez, founder of Trotter House in Austin, Texas. Lori talks about protecting the unborn and serving as a source of hope for

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Michelle Pitre

On this episode of The Focus, Taylor talks with Michelle Pitre, founder of Texi Boots, the Original Pink Sole cowgirl brand. Michelle is also founder

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Betty Garrett

Betty Garrett is an author and founder of Garrett Speakers International. For nearly three decades, Betty has run an international speakers’ bureau to connect meeting

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