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Keeping your brand top of mind and staying out of obscurity is hard. But finding the right opportunities and methods to get into the spotlight is key for growing your business and your brand. The TV with TLC podcast exists to help leaders like you rock your voice on the mic, on stage, and on-screen.

I’m Taylor L. Cole Longacre, TV Host, Producer, Podcaster, and ex-corporate PR girl for some of the top travel and tech brands. I help authors, speakers, and business leaders show up and shine. If you’ve longed to create a legacy in the world and share your unique message with the right audiences, this podcast is for you. We’ll tackle the biggest hurdles in the business while confronting some of the annoying molehills we wish we could avoid.

I’ll interview industry experts, speakers’ bureau founders, talent agents, marketing leaders, TV execs, work from home hustlers, and some of my longtime friends that will share lessons learned that anyone can put into action. Plus, I’ll share my personal experiences with new tools and technologies that are relevant to this space (because I love gadgets and tech!)

This podcast will move you from backstage to the front of the room where you belong.

Let’s shine!

Topics this podcast will cover:

  • How to land TV appearances and gigs
  • How to get on podcasts
  • How speakers can use Clubhouse
  • Practice keynote speeches on Clubhouse
  • Where to get exposure for speakers
  • How to get cast on SpeakUP on Amazon Prime Video
  • Content creation
  • Podcasting tips
  • Video conferencing techniques
  • Using Zoom to grow your speaking platform
  • How to market yourself as a speaker
  • Public Relations for authors
  • How to market my small business
  • Building a network to grow business
  • How to do live videos
  • How to get ready for a TV appearance
  • Who is Taylor Cole
  • Who is Taylor Longacre
  • Being a Christian business owner

Are you ready to step into the spotlight? Be a guest on The Focus, or on SpeakUP. Learn more at and watch The Focus on Amazon Prime Video and MPN.Global.

See Taylor’s top tech, books, travel resources, and more at



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